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Drag Links & Track Rods



Why upgrade your Drag Links and Track Rods?

The underside of your vehicle is the most vulnerable when you are off road.  Often when you hit rocks and logs, this can result in bending the Drag Links & Track Rods.

Standard replacement is a common practice – but what if there was a thicker, better replacement available that would eliminate (or at least reduce!) the need to replace the same part again in the future when you hit that same rock or log?  Wouldn’t you want to upgrade, so you don’t have to worry about that part again?

That’s where the Roadsafe ‘MF’ range comes into the equation!

What is the Roadsafe ‘MF’ range?

The Roadsafe the ‘MF’ range consists of Heavy Duty Comp Relay and Track Rods for the Patrols & Cruisers.

See if you can bend these mudders!

Why are the Roadsafe ‘MF’ rods better?

Manufactured from 38mm solid 4140 chromoly high tensile steel, the new ‘MF’ rods have been re-designed to offer Hard Core 4wders a stronger alternative.

The ‘MF’ rods are supplied electrocoated, for corrosion and rust resistance, with a satin black finish to follow through the tuff truck look.

What rods are currently available?

These ‘MF’ rods are an awesome addition to the expanding range, and are currently offered for the following applications:

MF-DL704COMP – Patrol GQ Track Rod

MF-DL706COMP – Patrol GU Track Rod

MF-DL700SCOMP – Patrol GQ Drag Link

MF-DL710SCOMP – Patrol GU Drag Link

MF-TR4220COMP – Landcruiser 80 series Relay Rod

MF-TR4410COMP – Landcruiser 80 Series Track Rod

What other upgrades do the ‘MF’ rods include?

Not only has the rod been changed, the ‘MF’ design has also been altered to now include greasable female ends on most applications, offering greater strength over the standard male ends… making the ‘MF’ rods extremely tough for the average four wheel driver.

Designed specifically for comp vehicles to take punishment time and time again, the new ‘MF’ rods are a must for those interested in improved strength and handling over Australia’s tough terrain.

Weighing in at over 12kgs each, these ‘MF’ rods will certainly make the underside of your truck look and act tough!

Are the ‘MF’ rods ADR Approved?

Under NCOP V3 (VSB14) the replacement Drag Links and Track Rods are street legal. They are a standard replacement item, fitted with no additional modification to the mount points or similar required.