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Diesel Pre-Filter

Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits protect late model common rail diesel engines against costly injector failure.

Installing a Direction Plus™ Pre-Filter kit between the fuel tank and the O.E.M fuel filter will remove the majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the O.E.M fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration. This ensures you are maximising the protection of your diesel fuel system.

Designed specifically to cope with our extreme weather conditions and poor fuel quality, they are the perfect choice for drivers in Australia and New Zealand.  From the humidity of Northern Queensland to the dry cool climate of South Australia and all the way down to frosty Invercargill in New Zealand, the Direction Plus Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter kit will remove water and other contaminants from our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD).

ULSD is more susceptible to water emulsification, that is water molecules suspended in diesel which is harder to remove than in traditional diesel fuel. This is why old technology like sedimenters work relatively well removing whole water, but struggle with emulsified water, the contaminant you can’t see.

For the ultimate front line defence against water and particle contamination, investing in a Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel

Pre-Filter Kit will protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits are available for late model popular 4WD, passenger vehicles and industrial power (generators) applications.  These kits consist of:

  • Filter Assembly (including water bowl)
  • Model specific laser cut stainless bracket
  • Spare filter element
  • All hoses required for the job
  • Nuts. bolts, washers & clamps
  • Installation instructions

Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits

  • First line of defence for your diesel fuel injection system
  • Reduce wear and tear and avoid repair costs that can exceed $10,000
  • 95% water separation and superior particle removal
  • Ability to separate emulsified water from ULSD
  • Clear water drainage bowl to easily identify removed water
  • No filter bypass – contaminated fuel will not be sent to the fuel system even when the filter is blocked