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Coil Springs

Coil SpringsEFS Coil Springs are produced in a variety of raised heights, from standard to 125mm (5")
and also a variety of spring rates to suit different applications - towing, load bearing accessories, increased ride height and competition.
EFS Coil Springs are manufactured under a strict quality control system with the use of quality spring steel in accordance with ISO-9002

All EFS Coil Springs are:

✓ Shot Peened - to stress relieve the outer surface of the coil, so the coil can operate under higher fatigue and repeated load conditions to ensure longevity. 
✓ Scragged for Quality Control - this is a process where the coil is compressed beyond its yield point; this compression will set-up residual stresses and increase the elastic limit of the spring. 
✓ Powder Coated - to resist corrosion and to protect the spring steel from minor damage.
✓ Warranty - 3 year / 100,000 Km Warranty


Suspension Disclaimer

Due to manufacturer's vehicle designs and in some cases due to limitations we are unable to offer the advertised specifications.

Vehicle Height Disclaimer

Please ensure that you use the correct load rated springs for your application, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to check with federal and state laws before the installation of suspension products. Heavy duty springs when installed and unlaidened may increase the ride height above the advertised height for the vehicle.